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Things Will Get Better...Now!

Dernière mise à jour : 17 oct. 2022

Let me tell you a story about Ray. In 2020, he was working in Turkey when the COVID pandemic reared its ugly head and trapped him in Izmir. Due to government restrictions for the over-65 population, Ray had to stay confined to his flat alone, day after day, and week after week for three and a half months. The only person he had contact with was the deliverer who came every seven days to drop off his groceries. It was an extreme situation that caused a physical decline so serious, that Ray was eventually repatriated to Waterloo, Belgium for treatment.

It is no exaggeration to say that he resembled Quasimodo in the film, “Notre Dame de Paris.” Crooked and hunchbacked, he had lost almost 10 centimeters (four inches) in height and 10 kilos (22 pounds) in weight. Sleeping was difficult. As thin as he was, it took five pillows behind his back and head to help him lay flat. Watching him struggle for 15 minutes to stand was like watching a disarticulated toy reassemble itself.

The blood tests that were conducted in Turkey showed his Kappa antibodies were around 3900. These protein levels in the blood should be between 0.5 and 2.0. Not surprisingly, the diagnosis from the tests in the Belgium hospital revealed that Ray was in phase 3 or 4 of Multiple Myeloma – a cancer of plasma cells.

In French, we say that this kind of cancer is, “Se faire du mauvais sang.” Which literally means, you make your own bad blood. The living conditions in Turkey were the trigger, but the cause of the illness went back much further. That is another story.

On June 19th, the day following his arrival in Belgium, Ray started the holistic routine I created for him which included meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, and emotional healing.

On July 7th, his medical treatment began – chemotherapy, injections, medication.

Less than three weeks after his return from Turkey, and just before he began his medical treatment in the hospital, the second blood test showed that the kappa antibodies had fallen from 3918 to 18. His doctor couldn’t believe the results, but we could.

There is, in fact, a simple explanation. It is the magic of the “Here and Now” mind process. Our brain’s immediate reaction is to resist this inner self-healing tool that we possess to:

Be in the Present Moment,

Embrace the Reality Right Now,

Be Alive in the Eternal Instant,

And most of all,

Be the Actor of your own Destiny.

Ray was a very good student. Despite his extreme weakness, he decided to take charge of himself on the mental, physical, and spiritual level. The three mantras he used as his practice to heal himself were:

Here and Now, Don’t Worry

Here and Now, Don’t Be Upset

Here and Now, Express Gratitude

Things will get better NOW – not in a few months, not tomorrow, not even in a few seconds, but NOW, because this is the only thing which truly exists. NOW! Tomorrow is just a possibility that you create in the present moment. Ray didn’t wait to begin chemotherapy to believe he would recover. He made a firm choice the morning he began his holistic routine. He believed with all his heart and soul that NOW was the magic pill. And it was.

With compassion, patience, and confidence, Ray opened himself up to the vital force, the curative, universal energy, which helped him reconnect with his inner true self and perfect health. Combining his medical treatment and the holistic routine, Ray quickly recovered and is now in complete remission.

The Here and Now path helps you to free your self-healing potential, whatever your background. It nips in the bud all the negativities within your body, mind, and soul, before they have a darker adverse effect upon your general health and wellbeing. It supports your body so it can function normally, in a simple and luminous manner, in the way it was originally designed. By eliminating tensions and negative emotions that block and hinder the proper functioning of your inner resources, the Here and Now allows you to become once again, the virtuoso and conductor in charge of your own health.

As Stephen Covey puts it, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Cécile Bersegeay

Ray Holliday by Thoms Flahault

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